who am i?

I'm Allie Howe, a Computer Science BSc (Hons) graduate from the University of Lincoln, currently working for music tech startup ClicknClear as a Graduate Software Engineer.

Currently I'm enjoying experimenting with lots of areas - for the most part playing with web design using CSS, in addition to creating full-stack web applications & native mobile apps with React.JS & React Native.

You can see all of my open source projects, including this site itself, here.

what have i done?

Oh god, what have I done? These are just a few of the projects I've worked on over the years.


University project - a social media-like platform centered around asking & answering polls. Mobile app created in React Native.
view demo video
Animated GIF of black & white squares rotating, switching each time they form a grid

Computational Designs

Processing & p5.js experiments - minimal looping GIFs designed I've made throughout the years.
overwhelm your eyes
Screenshot of Pokemon Go sharing code site

ArcCheck Archiving System

University project - Site proposed for Lincoln County Hospital to automate the archiving of key data from ArcCheck Radiotherapy scans
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Screenshot of Pokemon Go sharing code site

GO Make Friends

React.JS & Firestore experiment - webpage to share Pokemon Go friend codes
Screenshot of a greyscale Where's Wally scene, with Wally outlined

Where's Wally?

University project - a C++ application which performs a Nearest Neighbour search on a Where's Wally scene to finally find him after all this time.
Screenshot of password tester

Password Tester

React.JS experiment - a component which checks and scores passwords based on their security, and gives the user feedback on how to improve their passwords.

Machine Learning

University projects - Implementing K-means clustering in Python, and creating Artificial Neural Network and Random Forest classification models
Screenshot of Tweets from the TodaysVibeBot account

Today's Vibe

Twitter API experiment - a custom bot which tweets a random nonsensical "vibe" every day at noon.
Screenshot of Whyl site


CSS experiment - a fictional automobile website designed simply because I thought the background looking like a moving road would be cool.

Screenshot of white clock on a blue-aqua gradient background

js clock

Vanilla JavaScript experiment - a basic, minimalist animated clock. Not much to say about this one, honestly!
Note: not styled for mobile

csh line

a clone/copy of Chris Shier's Line, a JS canvas-based application to allow for user-generated animations reminiscent of old iTunes and Windows Media Player music visualisers. Throughout understanding this codebase, I used dat.gui to allow for editing variables.
Try it yourself

coming soon

more projects coming soon!