let's take a drive.

who are we?

Whyl is a completely fabricated and made up company this totally doesn't exist. we believe in the important ideals of absolutely nothing, since we aren't real. This text is only here to make it look like this site is important, informative and maybe even good if we're lucky.

okay, but what actually is this?

This page was just a small test and a testament to the power of CSS. Containing very minimal HTML and no Javascript whatsoever, and even the CSS file itself is well under 100 lines. The background uses a linear gradient with a keyframes animation on a span tag, with text- and box- shadows on the header and div container respectively.

Currently it is not designed for mobile, as in all honesty I am lazy and still haven't gotten into the 'mobile first' attitude yet. Though hopefully this will change in the future.

why should you buy our product?

There is completely, absolutely no reason whatsoever that you should buy the nonexistent product that we don't sell. Because of this, I hope you don't mind if I just insert some Lorem Ipsum text so it looks like we are better than we are - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Eaque illum totam praesentium recusandae doloremque explicabo dignissimos, tempore eveniet quae aut laboriosam sit voluptatum perspiciatis incidunt saepe quidem labore consectetur deleniti.